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"Sharon has been so great.  She did all of our wedding photography and the portraits turned out wonderful.  Now that we have had a family,  Sharon has been photographing our children.  She is so great with kids and has a special way with each and every one.  You are never rushed or pressed for time.   Creativity is Sharon's specialty and she is always looking for great ideas.  The pictures turn out better than I ever expect.  There is nothing that can capture a memory like a great photograph and Sharon knows how to capture those memories.  Thanks to Sharon Hartman we as a family have been able to enjoy those memories every single day."

-Adeila and Jeff Tonn

Kids' Klub

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Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo
Child Photo

I often hear, "I wish I had taken more photographs of my child." All parents intend to have pictures taken of their children but time goes by quickly and they are often too busy. We have created a program to help parents have their children photographed at regularly scheduled times.

Here is how the Kids' Klub works:

Four Sittings: Suggested ages for photos are 3,6,9, and 12 months.
Cost: $35 each sitting
Clothing: One outfit


  1. Additional sittings may be added to the series of four. Each additional sitting is $35.
  2. Adding sibling(s) or parent(s) with the baby will be an additional $10 per person.
  3. Sitting will be done in color but may be converted to B/W as prints.
  4. Little folks photograph the best in simple clothing. White and pastels are classic choices.


Spend $500 on print orders from the four sitting and receive a beautifully framed Petite Wall Collection that will hold four of your favorite images.

Did you know that many psychologists and teachers believe that when a child's photographs are displayed in their home, they grow up with a feeling of self-confidence and well being? And when their parents and grandparents appear in the portrait, the child is reminded of their special place of importance within the whole family.

Will you remember exactly how your baby's feet and hands looked during the first months of life? Children change and grow ever so quickly; pictures will help you visualize how soft and fine those fingers and toes once were. Photographs help you recreate both the images and the feelings of love and wonder.


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