About the Photographer

backgroundSharon Hartman was just 10 when her father patiently helped her process her first roll of film in the family’s basement, using a Brownie Hawkeye. With her mother’s encouragement, she assumed the role of family historian, documenting life through photos. It was a hobby she brought into adulthood and her teaching career, camera always at the ready.


It was no surprise that in the final years of this first career teaching elementary school, Sharon discovered a viable second career in photography. Today the award-winning professional photographer practices in her longtime Fort Collins home, combining two favorite things: kids and photography. “Together, that’s my passion: catching and recording priceless memories of children and their families.


Her best moments? Taking photos of children of her former students, from babies to high school senior portraits. That sense of Fort Collins community has always enveloped Sharon’s
work. By recording generations of families on camera, she preserves the memories we all want to save.


“We think we won’t, but we really do forget what our children looked like,” she says. “That’s why I’m here—to capture those fleeting moments.”